Automatic glue binding machine



machine introduction:

the MJZXJ-1-type full-automatic paper folding machine is composed of gluing part, gluing folding part and stacking part. The speed is controlled by PLC, and the paper width is adjusted by touch PC. The machine is convenient and accurate to operate. The machine has automatic gluing function, automatic gluing and folding function, automatic counting, automatic stacking and double conversion operation, the normal speed is 160 pcs/min, the maximum. The speed can reach 220 units/minute, which is your best choice for energy conservation and environmental protection.

Functions and features:

1. Automatically fold the carton and complete the tape paste at the same time, saving time and manpower

2. It can be used in cartons of different sizes, and the size adjustment is simple and quick.

3. The machine runs stably and reliably, and the packaging effect is firm and beautiful.

4. The machine is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

5. Automatic collimator angle, 180 degree correction, effectively correct the carton fork tail phenomenon.