RYKT-1080B Window Patching Machine

Introduction of Product:

RYKT-1080B Window Patching Machine can be extensively used in sticking window and line pressing functions.

RYKT-1080B is the Innovation machine of Window Patching Machine, Manufactured &Designed by our technical team.

Structure Characteristics:

  1. Paper feeder:
  1. The paper feeder use the point pattern by servo motor, so it now no need to  adjust paper length by hand , thus making paper feeding easy ,quick and accurate it applies to card paper and corrugated paper.


The paper and film feeding sections are equiped with a chain guide imported from Germany and a linear guide imported from Taiwan, and other accessories,which helps improve film patching accuracy and reduce noise.



  1. Film Feeder & Cutting

Film feeding part is controlled by Imported servo system, input the needed Film’s length on the touch screen, saving the adjust time and highly position.


The film cutting & the film patching part install free axial rotation, is used for various shape &position of paper window. Saving adjust time, greatly improve the production efficiency.



  1. The Gluing Section
  1. The gluing section consists of chromed sizing roller, glue separating guide, side limiter and sizing template roller. It is easy to pull out, set and clean the sizing section.


  1. The glue separating guide can be adjusted to control the range and amount of glue. In the event of shutdown, the cylinder can raise the sizing roller and it is driven by the other independent motor to avoid glue solidification.


(3) Without shutdown, the printing roller can be adjusted freely on an axial or radial basis.



Based on the original mechanism,the layout of each section of this product has been improved in order to reduce the adjusting time ,so it becomes more efficiency and friendly.


.RYKT-1080B is widely used for 90degress angle window sample ,has the function of angle cutting &scoring.

Also normal pasting and tissue box of cutting line on film.





Technical parameters:   


Paper Length:

200 - 680mm




Paper Caliper:

Paper box & cardboard box


Corrugated/flute up to 3mm







Corner cutting and Creasing Line Speed:



Paper Width:

200 - 1080mm



Film Length :

70- 400mm

Double: 70-400mm



Film Thickness:

 0.03 - 0.25mm,






Normal / standard Pasting speed:

6000-10000 pcs/h

(Optional function double line feeding: 8000-14000pcs/h)


  Film Width :

 30 - 500mm

Double: 30-200mm

Power of Pump: 2.2 kw, Main Power: 2.2 kw

Net Weight: 3500 kg, Gross Weight: 3700kg

External Dimension: 5500*1900*1600 mm

Sample photo: