RYFQ Slitting Machine

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Performance and Characteristics
This high speed paper slitting rewinding machine(paper film slitter)  is suitable for slitting small rolling materials such as paper, aluminum foil, PVC, plastic film, insulation material, etc. This machine is equipped with frequency converter timing device, constant tension magnetic power control system for unwinding, photoelectric auto error-correction, two pieces magnetic powder clutches, main machine for controlling the center rewinding can be touched with surface, it also has the function of meter can be setup in advance and auto stop working, etc.

The machine is suitable for slitting big diameter rolls to small diameter rolls in 2" (50mm)


Main Technological Parameters:

1. Width: 1100mm

2. Thickness of material: 20g/m2~500g/m2 decided according to the material

3. Max diameter of raw material: φ600mm

4. Max diameter of rewinding: φ150mm

5. Width of material: <1100mm

6. The diameter of pneumatic shaft of rewinding: φ50mm

7. Error correcting precision: ±2mm

8. Speed: 10-150m/min

9. Total power: 3.0w

10. Overall dimensions (LWH): 2850×2150×1350mm

11. Adopts auto-photoelectric error correction