1.supplyerCompany name : Hangzhou ROYALL Import & Export Co.Ltd.

 Address: 1113 Modern Star, #337 Shaoxing Road, Hangzhou, China

 Department: qualityment           Responsibler: zhangli xue

 Tele: 86-571-85829052-801/802         Fax:86-571-85829153

 Mobilephone: 86-13867498763

2. name of product:  GLUE POWER

3. Ingredients of product]

 Composition                                   content%

 Corn starch                                       90%

 Silicate mineral filler                                5%

 Carbonate filler                                    3%

 Sodium borate chemical compound                    2%

4. dangerous Nonpoisonous,innocent. Easy fire when heating

5. emergency maesureWhen into eye:please wash 15 minutes directly ,then go to The ophthalmology seeing a doctor, is cured

6.Conflagration measure Method of cutting out an engine. Prompt transfer the starch to the safe place . When being able to not transfer, the bag covers package with the wet woolen blanket.


7. Disclose measureThe amylum starch by the empty space package bag to reclaim. Then Use water to wash, Wash water not discharging to the river or sea

8. Handle and storage tiemBe careful about water and dust, The working site carries out sufficient circulation of air

Storage: Plastic weaves bag package , the storing place in ventilation gloomy and cold.

9. Protect an implement Protect the glove , the dust prevention gauze mask , protect a mirror , protect clothes

10. Physical chemistry character  Appearance : white powder

Smell: insipid

Specific gravity :1.2

Solubility :water dissolve,

Other: alkali character

11.Hazardous wastes

Boiling point: No.

   Stability*Reactivity: Can be connected with the water in air slowly.

   Other: No.

12. Hazardous wastesNo.

13.Environmental effect:No

14.Paying attention to the environment being handled Put the starch into the package bag, not coming out from package bag when being fond of carrying.

15.ShipmentMake sure the bag is not broken. No other requirement.

16.Suitable rules According to <The processing and cleaning item of waste product of China Fire Protection Rule.>