RYEP-X-2534 Digital Press for Corrugated paperboard


RYEP-X-2534 Digital press is mainly used for Packaging and printing industry, Suitable for Flute A,B,C,E corrugated paperboard, honeycomb paperboard, thin wood, etc. No need printing plate, mainly used for small batches production.



  1. Fast Printing: The new design with 4 or 8 printing heads realized the continuous production by 1Pass, the speed is high.
  2. Automatic feeding: Optimization of control action program, continuous delivery of paper without waiting, printing process is smooth and fast.
  3. No Printing plate: With computer drawings, 0 cost for plate.
  4. No plate adjust: Control fast change by computer program, no print paperboard waste.
  5. No color adjust: Professional software processing, four color automatic color stack printing.
  6. No need clean work: Full closed automatic ink supply system and zero discharge of wastewater in the process of spray printing.
  7. Controllable ink dot: use automatic control system to control jet ink , to achieve gradient color more realistic.
  8. Energy saving and consumption reduction: low cost, low energy consumption, no noise production. The cost is about USD0.005 per square meter, the cost of full plate color printing ink is about USD0.05 per square meter, and the power consumption of the whole machine is not more than 3 kilowatts.
  9. Simple operation: Computer program control, automatic height measurement, paper delivery, low manpower cost.
  10.  Bit working area: flat sheet feed, spray printing, maximum paper for 2500mmX5000mm or longer.
  11.  Min. order is one piece print: the start and print, the real solution to the sample, the supplement, the emergency list and the small volume carton orders.
  12.  Fast change: a lot of orders can be choreographed at a time to achieve zero time change.
  13.  Network control: convenient enterprise to production statistics and supervision and manufacturer remote technical support.



Main Technological Parameters:





Print head quantity

8 pieces

4 pieces

16 pieces

Feeding width


Printing area

2300mm* 10000mm

Color type

C, M, Y, K

Print head model

Ricoh GEN5, Japan

Temperature control

Integrated heater and thermistor

Print head life

100 billions actuations per nozzle

   Printing Speed

1 PASS the highest 440 m2/hour

1 PASS the highest 230 m2/hour

1 PASS the highest 1000 m2/hour

Printing resolution

≥180*300 dpi

 Controlled ink dot size


Jetting frequency


Corrugated thickness

 Between 2 mm~16mm

 Feeding mode

Automatic feeding

Graphics Format Support


Printing head

Corrosion-resistant industrial ink jet head

Control system

Digital-printing control system


Automatic two levels supply, Fully enclosed ink supply channel efficiency.

Print head cleaning system

Automatic Negative pressure suction.

Work environment

3-45 indoor, temperature , Humidity 20-70%

Press roll method

Electrical control


6 months for the print head, 1 year for the machine.

Operate system

Windows 7 system 64-bit operating system

Power supply

≤ 1.7KW , AC 220V±10%,50-60Hz

Machine size


Picking size



Net weight: 2300KG