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2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

Congratulations to Hangzhou ROYAL Import and Export Co., Ltd. Annual Summary and Commendation Conference for successful held.
On January 13, 2023, ROYAL Company's 2022 year -end summary commendation conference was grandly held in the conference room, and various departments gathered together.


Congratulations to Hangzhou ROYAL Import and Export Co., Ltd. Annual Summary and Commendation Conference for successful held.


On January 13, 2023, ROYAL Company's 2022 year -end summary commendation conference was grandly held in the conference room, and various departments gathered together.

After the summary and commendation conference was opened, Ms. Cao, General Manager of ROYAL Company, first published a theme summary report, and the heads of various departments made the year -end summary report.


ROYAL has achieved today's achievements. In addition to the wise strategy guidance of the general manager, it is also inseparable from the persistence and silent persistence of outstanding employees and service stars.They work hard and work hard. They use action and strength to call everyone diligent in work.They also set a model and role model for ROYAL Company, so that ROYAL Company climbed one new height after another.

To this end, in the commendation conference, the company leaders respectively won the "2022 New Customer Development Award", "2022 Special Contribution Award",
"2022 Big Customer Assessment Award", "2022 Sales Champion", "2022 Sales runner -up", "2022 Sales Third place",Employees of honor such as "Outstanding Employees of 2022" awarded honorary certificates and bonuses, and issued the 10th anniversary gold coins and gold rings to employees who have served ten years.


In this way, we will praise advanced, establish typical examples, further motivate and promote all employees' work to reach a new level.

It was also the first decade of ROYAL in 2022. The company awarded the tenth anniversary gift to all employees.


The general manager said: "ROYAL's current achievements are inseparable from all the efforts and persistence of all ROYAL people.Each of them here is a member of the company's big family, and they have made their own contributions to the company's development.
Thank you all ROYAL people, thank you for your hard work and hard work!

Here, I wish you all a happy new year and a happy family!

Created on:2023-01-13 18:15
Created on:2023-01-13 18:15