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Queen’s Day with ROYAL

On March 8, ROYAL ushered in the annual "March 8" Women's Day. In order to celebrate this special day, the company carefully planned a warm afternoon tea event and specially invited all male colleagues to participate and work with the company to surprise each goddess.


Queen’s Day with ROYAL


    On March 8, ROYAL ushered in the annual "March 8" Women's Day. In order to celebrate this special day, the company carefully planned a warm afternoon tea event and specially invited all male colleagues to participate and work with the company to surprise each goddess.
    The tea room is warmly and elegantly decorated, with exquisite snacks and fragrant milk tea neatly placed. Bringing a feast for the taste buds to the goddesses.


    Male colleagues were waiting at the event early, holding bright roses and exquisite gifts in their hands. With the cheerful music, when the goddesses entered the venue, they walked forward, delivered flowers and gifts to the goddesses' hands, and extended their holiday blessings. At this moment, the air is filled with romance and warmth.
    In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, everyone spent an unforgettable afternoon together. There was laughter and laughter, and everyones face was filled with happy smiles. At this moment, gender is no longer a boundary, everyone is more like a big family, sharing joy and warmth together.

     On this special day, ROYAL used a warm afternoon tea event to make all the goddesses feel the company's care and respect. At the same time, it also made everyone deeply understand the importance of unity, friendship and harmony.  
    At the same time, we also recorded these beautiful moments with photos, so that this warmth and sweetness will remain in our hearts forever.


    Let us look forward to the arrival of the next Goddess' Day together and continue to write our warm chapters!


Created on:2024-03-08 17:20
Created on:2024-03-08 17:20