MJSGL-4 High Speed Single Facer Production Line   

Design Speed: 120m/min, Running speed: 100m/min.

Power Saving: 30%

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Our main products are the complete corrugated paperboard production line, flexo printer slotting & die cutting machine, carton making and converting machine. The Complete Corrugated production Line is composed of Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand, High Speed Single Facer, NC Slitter Scorer Machine, NC Cut-Off Machine, Stacker as well as Rotary Slotting Machine, Folder Gluer Machine etc.


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 High Speed Cassette Fingerless Type Single Facer






Max. machine speed


Economic speed


Max. working width


Max working steam pressure:


Steam temperature

160—210 centigrade

Power requirements:

380V, 50Hz

Diameter of corrugated roller


Diameter of Press roller .


Diameter of preheater roller


Diameter of Glue roller


Diameter of doctor roller


Machine Introduction:

--Design Speed: 150m/min

--Corrugated roller: φ320mm(small differences according to corrugated type), pressure roller:φ360mm, preheat roller:φ360mm

--Fingerless vacuum suction type single facer, the upper and lower corrugated roller made of 48 CrMo alloy steel, with harted treatment,the hardness is above HRC58o-60o.The surface is well treated by grind and plated chrome and tungsten carbide coated.

--Using negative pressure type design helps the medium paper to press evenly and closer to the surface of corrugating roll to have perfect forming. And also get even gluing on the flute tip to have perfect laminating of the single facer.

--Quick change rolls in 15 minutes, while replacing the corrugated rolls, the whole complete set of additional rolls with cassette is delivered into he machine by the carriage and matched with the hydraulic motor to be fixed on the base of the machine by hydraulic system. Quickly and easily complete the corrugated roller replacement.

--The corrugating roller is made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, using heat-treatment. Surface plates hard chromium after grinding.

--The corrugating rolls, pressure roll, and glue roll are adopted with High stability of the airbag control system, also with pneumatic control buffer effect.

--Adopt Glue width motorized dividing to match the paper width. Idle running motor for glue applicator roll to avoid glue dry. Adjustment for gap between glue roller and doctor roller by electric. Digital read out for the gap between glue roll and doctor roll.

-- The moveable type glue unit is convenient to clean and maintain.

-- Easy operation control system. Touch screen with colorful drawing displays operation state, easy and simple to handle.

--Built-in pre-conditioner with proportional spraying device for the medium moisture and temperature adjustment.



  NC Cutter with slitting and automatic Stacker



NC Single Facer Paperboard Cutter machine is used for cutting the 2-layer corrugated paperboard to the sizes as requirement, at the same time, booking the paperboard with order quantity. The machine is composed by feeding part, vertically cutting part, transport part, and booking part. It is suitable for the flute B, E, F, G, single cardboard, or small flute 3-layer paperboard.



--Computer system to keep 200 orders .

--Man-machine conversation system NC.

--Cross-cutting machine adopts the structure of the set speed steel spiral knife, transmission of high precision, long life pump automatic cycle lubrication.

--the host base and wall use ferrosteel, and strong vibration resistance.

--Servo controller from KEB Germany for motor driver,10.4 inch colorized touch screen made in Taiwan Eview .

--Auto calculate delivery to the stacking output board, the maximum accumulation of 1.3 m in length.


Main Technological Parameters:

-- The maximum working width: 1800 mm

-- Design speed: 120m/min.

-- Running speed: 100m/min.

-- Mechanical configuration: computer helical cutting knife

-- Length of cutting cardboard: 300-9999mm,

-- Precision of cutting cardboard: ±1mm.

-- The main drive motor power: 11KW  (AC servo motor)

-- Paper motor and power: 3kw

-- Lubrication oil pump motor power: 0.37KW

-- Lose paper motor power: 1.5KW



Roller diameter later of parameters:

On the cutting knife shaft diameter: 188mm

Under the crosscut knife shaft diameter: 188mm

Under the knife shaft diameter tools and paper roller diameter: 156 mm

Note: all the roller both by grinding, the surface hard chromium plating in (on, under knife shaft except) manage.




 Glue Making System

Structural features:

provide the starch adhesive to the corrugated single facer ,two glue machine and some other gluing equipment.

Horizontal glue machine can meanwhile matched  withmain body glue and carrier glue, and mixing, glue large.

Making room storage barrels adhesive solution was to use the glue pump rubber equipment storage barrels, adhesive solution for equipment.

Storage barrels, plastic barrels with mixing device, avoid glue solution precipitation agglomerate.

System unit with carrier vessel, main tank, storage tank, and send the glue pump, the back glue pump, etc.

glue system adopt glue cycle,rest glue go back to the glue square cylinder,Liquid level float automatic control,the back glue a bucket of glue liquid being beaten back with glue equipment storage bucketcycle for glueSave the glue solutionprevent the glue solution in the rubber plate pasting and caking precipitation.

Work has been completed, the residual gum dividend total pipeline with rubber equipment rubber pumped back rubber room storage barrels, for next time use.

Responsible for technical guidance, teaching adhesive dispensing process.

technical parameters:

  1. Horizontal body glue mixer:  one      
  2.  Carrier glue mixer: one

3Storage glue mixer:  one      

4Plastic buckets on double coater: one

5Two coating machine back plastic buckets :one  

6Plastic buckets on single machine :two

7Single machine back plastic buckets:  two    

8Lose glue dispensing pumps:   four

glue barrel diameter parameters:

1Horizontal body glue mixer: 1250mm×1000mm×900mm

2Carrier glue mixer  diameter:   800mm×900mm

3Diameter plastic bucket on Double Glue: 800mm×1000mm    Plastic buckets on single machine: 800mm×1000mm

4Storage tank diameter:       1200mm×1200mm

Power motors and electrical parameters:

1Horizontal body glue mixer:       3KW                        380V    50Hz

2Carrier glue mixer:         2.2KW(Ordinary three-phase)              380V    50Hz

3output plastic pump motor :           2.2KW(Ordinary three-phase)            380V    50Hz

4Storage Tank Motor        1.5KW(Ordinary three-phase)            380V    50Hz

Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin:

Name of main parts

Brands or place of origin

Material and type


Hebei hengshui yongshun


Lose glue dispensing pumps

Hebei botou


Skeleton profiles







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MJSGL-4 High Speed Single Facer Production Line


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