RY-ZDD Full-Automatic Folder Gluer & Stitcher



Machine Introduction:

RY-ZDD Full-automatic folding gluing and stitching machine, with excellent automation technology, realized the digital manipulation of the adjusting plate location and the computer program of the feeding part, Optimized the program with positioning ruler or remote control to make the change of the carton size more accurate and fast.

The machine by feeding department, gluing and folding forming department, stitching department and counting and stacking output department of four parts, PLC digital display speed, touching screen display amplitude modulation, with simple and precision control mode. Automatic feeding (gluing), automatic folding forming, automatic counting and stacking output. The design gluing speed is 220 m/min, the design stitching speed is 500 nails/min, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection is our highest pursuit


Function and characteristic:

1. The control of the whole machine can have the front feeding part, the rear part of the correction department, the middle part of the folding forming part of the left, the right end of the four orientations to adjust and control, the great convenience of humanization operation.

2. Folding forming department equipped with double ways for creasing correction device, effectively correct the deviation of the cardboard line, so that the whole carton completed the most accurate folding.

3. Correction department set up the infinitely variable speed device, using the speed difference between active and passive transport, effectively correct the deviation of the cardboard forming, So that the molding carton to achieve perfect results.

4. About the stacking output department, the up, down, left and right distance of the finished product’s adjustments are all electric.

5. The transmission of the important parts of the machine adopts the all-gear drive, make the whole machine drive more precisely and stably, the machine uses a longer fuselage (6600mm in the middle section) ensures that the cardboard is accurate without scissors difference in folding and bonding process.

6.The stitching department adopts touch screen to change order, which is convenient and quick; Japan imported servo motor drive, high precision.

7.The scope of the carton is wide and the size of carton is easy to adjust.

8.Simple operation and easy maintenance.



The product structure:

Control instrument department:

Simple touch screen operation, the machine adopts PLC input computer programmable controller, digital operation, touch screen input data, which can realize non-pole change data, production speed and so on, It has the order memory storage function,the baffle of the feeding part, the position board will be adjusted in place by one key, the adjustment is simple and fast;The automatic feeding, automatic folding forming , automatic counting, automatic stacking output.


The paper feeding department


1.Board height adjustment structure is made of high-quality steel, and the box height and board length of different specifications and sizes can be adjusted quickly.


2.The paper suction belt is made of high-tech materials, seamless butt ring belt, ensure the machine in use without worries.


3.High quality and high stability motors from Taiwan are selected for the suction motor and the main rotating motor of paper feeding department.


4.Select high-grade electromagnetic clutch and electromagnetic brake system, so that the paper supply department can be single or continuous operation, effectively control the waste of cardboard and output cardboard precision.


The gluing and folding forming department:


1.The motor is imported from Taiwan brand, stable performance, convenient speed regulation and no noise pollution.


2.The folding forming department adopts seamless butt ring belt made of imported special materials with high friction and abrasion resistance to complete the automatic folding forming of cardboard accurately.


3.The gluing department with high quality stainless steel wheel, which is uniform, glue saving and efficient.


4.Folding forming department equipped with double ways for creasing correction device, effectively correct the deviation of the cardboard line, so that the whole carton completed the most accurate folding.


The stitching department

1.The stitching department is operated by delta touch screen, with parameters(stitching distance, stitching numberNails type, rear baffle) easy and fast to change.

2. Delta PLC control system is adopted for system control.

3. The stitching department is driven by Fuji(Japan) servo motor with high precision, which can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate.

4. The electric baffle at the back is driven by step motor, with precise size, simple transformation, conveniently and quickly.

5. The nail head is made of special steel, with high hardness and not easily damaged.

6. Single nail /, double nail //, reinforced nail // // // can be completed in one time, convenient and fast to meet different needs of different customers. (please explain in advance when you need to strengthen stitching machine purchase)

7. The back end has the function of automatic counting, and the finished carton can be folded and sent to the end of the machine according to the set quantity (1-30), which is convenient for packing and binding.


Correction and stacking output department:

1. Automatic correction, stacking output department with automatic counting, accumulation tidy, stacking output, the output of the finished product box can be set according to customer requirements.

2. Add stepless transmission correction device, effectively adjust the small deviation of the cardboard in the gluing forming process , so that the forming carton to achieve perfect effect.

3. About the stacking output department, the up, down, left and right distance of the finished product’s adjustments are all electrical.

4.The stacking department adopts the straight flap design, good effect and small noise, the finished product stacking neatly enters the output department for the preparation of strapping.


Main Technological Parameters:



Max. Sheet size


Min. Sheet size


Gluing speed


Stitching Speed


Engine power


Total Weight


Dimension (L*W*H)


Product center

RY-ZDD Full-Automatic Folder Gluer & Stitcher



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RY-ZDD Full-automatic folding gluing and stitching machine, with excellent automation technology, realized the digital manipulation of the adjusting plate location and the computer program of the feeding part, Optimized the program with positioning ruler or remote control to make the change of the carton size more accurate and fast.