MJBZB-1 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

This machine adopts automatic feeding for bottom paper, more personalized design, more convenient feeding. It can be used for lamination between cardboard to cardboard, cardboard to corrugated board. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high speed, low noise and high precision etc.



1. Air suction feeding is used for bottom paper. Automatic follow up and continuous feeding is achieved according to the speed of top paper, paper feeding sheet by sheet by manual is not required.

2. Personalized design for top sheet, it is front fed, more convenient feeding, faster laminating speed.

3. Advanced elastic front register is used for location, high register precision, bottom paper will never exceed. When laminating, it is very easy to make top paper and bottom paper alignment, or top sheet exceeded.

4. Fully automatic glue supply system: glue will be automatically supplied during lamination, and recovered, avoiding glue wasted.

5. Scientific design for linear speed of metering roller, avoiding glue thrown when high-speed running.

6. PLC touch screen is adopted, sententious, visual.

7. The whole machine adopts PLC control system, compared with other time-delay device or middle relay control, the bottom paper is transferred more precise and stable, furthermore, speed is greatly increased, and circuit breakdown can automatically display and alarm.

8. Clean the lower roller in gluing section by blade with circulated water, complete cleaning, convenient to replace the blade

9. Imported components are used in electrical section to ensure the machine run stably.

10. Floating movable pressing section is adopted to make the laminated paperboard smooth. This section can be moved front and back to take in paper conveniently.

11. Pressure of impression roller is one-side adjusted by nut of screw lead, convenient and fast.

12. The machine can work with laminating cardboard to A/B/C/D/E corrugated board, and bottom cardboard more than 350gsm to paperboard.


Maim Technological Parameters







Max. Paper Size (W*L)

1300 *1300 mm

1450 *1450 mm

1700 *1700 mm

Min. Paper Size (W*L)

300 * 350 mm

300 * 350 mm

300 * 350 mm


95 m/min.

95 m/min.

95 m/min.

Total Power

6.9 kw

8.7 kw

10.5 kw

Total Weight

3800 kg

4000 kg

4500 kg

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MJBZB-1 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine



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This machine adopts automatic feeding for bottom paper, more personalized design, more convenient feeding. It can be used for lamination between cardboard to cardboard, cardboard to corrugated board. This machine has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high speed, low noise and high precision etc.