MJSGL-4 2-layer paperboard Single facer line



ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for 2-layer Corrugated cardboard production line in China. We can produce the 2 ply, 3 ply, 5 ply and 7 ply corrugated cardboard production line, Widths from 1000 to 2500mm, production speeds from 60 to 250 meters/min. We can offer reasonable project to meet customers’ requirements.


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MJSGL-4 Single Facer Line

(2-layer corrugated paperboard production line)

Design speed: 150m/min, Economical Running speed: 120m/min.

We are the biggest manufacturer for corrugated packaging machinery in North of China.


Our main products are the complete corrugated paperboard production line, flexo printer slotting & die cutting machine, carton making and converting machine. The Complete Corrugated production Line is composed of Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand, High Speed Single Facer, NC Slitter Scorer Machine, NC Cut-Off Machine, Stacker as well as Rotary Slotting Machine, Folder Gluer Machine etc.


Our company has advanced technology, perfect design and reliable guarantee system for machines. Based on honesty and credit, we are committed to provide our customer with high quality products and favorable prices and best service. We welcome you to visit our company and give us your valuable guidance.



Equipment name




Hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand



Spindle ¢ 240mm, hyperbolic heavy rocker, expand chuck , multi-point brake, hydraulic drive lifting, panning left and right on the middle.Guide rail length 6000mmuse of plate welding.

Rail length 6000mmtrolley used 10mm plate welding.

Paper trolley



Top paper preheat cylinder



roller 600mmincluding pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angle. Wrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.

Core paper preheat cylinder



roller 600mmincluding pressure container certificate.Electric adjustment wrap angle. Wrap angle can  adjust the paper preheat area in the range of 360°.

Transport Bridge



Independent AC motor drive up, transportation.

Square Fingerless type single facer (B & E)



Corrugated main roller320mmmaterial with 48CrMo alloy steel. Tile roll modular group lifting transfer. Airbag ballasting structureimport main bearingPLC automatic control glueHMI touch screenBreaks automatic parking reliefsteam heating way.

NC Cutter with slitting and automatic Stacker



Full automatic AC Servo control, computer control NC cutter, HMI touch screen, stacker output the paper with different steps, max. stack length is 1.5m. Helical knife.

Glue mixing tank



Customers -owned pipeline. Glue configuration is composed by carrier tank, main tank, storage tank, and send plastic pump, back plastic pump.



Customer-owned section

1. Steam heating system: proposal with 500~1000Kg / Hr of a steam boiler    pressure:1.25Mpa    steam pipeline.


2. Air compressed machine. air pipeline. glue conveying pipe.

3. Power supply. wires connected to the operation panel and line pipe.

4. Water sources. water pipelines. buckets and so on.

5. Water, electricity, gas flush mounting civil foundation.

6. Test with the base paper, corn starch (potato) , Industrial use caustic soda, borax and other material.

7. Oil equipment, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating grease.

8. Installation, commissioning of food, accommodation. And provide installers with the installation.


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MJSGL-4 2-layer paperboard Single facer line


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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for 2-layer Corrugated cardboard production line in China. We can produce the 2 ply, 3 ply, 5 ply and 7 ply corrugated cardboard production line, Widths from 1000 to 2500mm, production speeds from 60 to 250 meters/min. We can offer reasonable project to meet customers’ requirements.