Automatic Flexo Printing & Die-cutting & inline Folder Gluer RYKM-800


ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.


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RYKM-800 Automatic Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & inline Folder Gluer

Detail introduction of Flexo Printing machine


1. The whole machine is made according to reliable, saving energy and safety. It is facility to operate and change order rapidly.

2. Adopting high-grade material and fittings.

3. The transmission gear adopts the high-quality steel, which is grinded after heat-treatment. It can reach six grade precision.

4. Adopting spline-free shaft collar to reduce wearing out and keep long time overprinting precision.

5. All of the rolls are plated with rigid chrome to increase hardness.

6. Adopting oil pump automatic lubrication system to keep lifetime of the parts in the machine.

7. Adopting PLC and touch screen multifunction controlling, it can storage 1000 orders.

8. Automatic to zero and reset.

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Automatic Flexo Printing & Die-cutting & inline Folder Gluer RYKM-800



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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.