Automatic Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Stripping & Stacker RYKB-1630



ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.


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RYKB-1630 Automatic Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Stripping & Stacker 

Technological Parameters



Printing units

Can be chosen according to users' needs

Printing Paperboard

A.B.C.E flute 3/5/7 ply corrugated paperboard

Machine Speed

150 PCS/min

Max. Paper Size

1600×3000 mm

Max. Printing Size


Max. die cutting size


Min. Paper Size

Positive knife 42700mm

Inverse knife 42800mm

Printing-plate adjustment

left and right position


Standard Printing Plate Thickness


Cardboard thickness


Max. Slitting corner width


Max. stack height


Printing Roller

(Plus printing plate thickness)




  1. Control system: PLC controlling, production order can be saved and recalled to save changing time. Memorize system for easy operation and maintenance.
  2. Double servo feeding system,each row of feeding wheels is driven by independent servo motor, high precision and low noise, no feeding rollers in feeder to prevent the corrugated wave from damaging.
  3. Printing: Adopt famous brand anilox roll and rubber roll to ensure high-quality printing.
  4. Slotter: computerized set the box length, width and box height, fast and convenient.
  5. Die cutter: independent engine drive controlled by KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting accuracy. Surface speed compensation system. Die cylinder shifts when running to prolong the life of rubber anvil.
  6. Gears are made of high-quality chrome steel, heat treated and grinded to ensure the high stability and precision.
  7. Bearings and electrical components are all famous brand in Taiwan and in China.

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Automatic Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Stripping & Stacker RYKB-1630



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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.