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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.


More Details: 

MJBL-4 model Flexo Printing and Slotting 

& Die-cutting machine

(Note: the photo of machine are for 4 color+Slotter)


  Die-cutting part

Printing photos:


I-1. Main Parameters





Max. feeding size



Min. feeding size



Max. Printing Area



Min. Slotting space (mm)

280*80*280*80 (normal knife)

160*160*160*160 (Reverse knife)

Max. Slotting depth



Printing plate thickness



Paperboard thickness



Max. machine speed (pcs/m)



Printing precision



Slotting precision




Package size & Weight:




Feeding part

2.6*0.6*2.2m, 600kg

2.8*0.6*2.2m, 700kg

Printing unit

3.8m*0.5m*2.2m, 2000kg

4.0m*0.6m*2.2m, 2200kg

Slotting unit

3.8m*0.6m*2.2m, 2100kg

4.0m*0.65m*2.2m, 2400kg

Die-cutting unit

3.8m*0.65m*2.2m, 2100kg

4.0m*0.70m*2.2m, 2500kg


II. Introduction

  1. This machine is composed of chain feeding system, printing, slotting, electrical system and so on. It can finish the functions of printing, pressing line, slotting, cutting in one time.
  2. The Wall board use HT250 with hand dealing on it, make sure it will not be curve. It is processed with boring machine, make sure the processing precision and quality of the board. The board structure is solid cast iron, with thickness 35mm, have good shockproof capacity, gears use steel straight gear with 45# steel dealt with high-frequency quenching, Precision grade is more than 6, hardness is HRC52~58. The lubrication use handle pouring. The working noise is low, the strength and driving stable is good. The gap adjust of printing and feeding use wall turbine-worm and adjust the double-stand structure, any paperboard size you want to adjust, it can make sure there is no gap driving, and make the precision high.
  3. All the bearings are made from Haerbin, Wafangdian and such famous brand product.
  4. Oil box use thick steel board dealt with finish machining, make sure there is no leak of the lubrication oil.
  5. Use “outside adjust the turbine-worm” for adjusting low-roller gap adjust, make sure there is no center excursion of up roller and down roller.
  6. Electrically separate and close of the machine, with the alarm-bell attached. During the separate and close work of the machine, the alarm-bell is ringing to make sure the safety of the workers.
  7. After each part closed, there are pneumatic cylinder for lock. The main power cannot open if the pneumatic cylinder does not lock. And after the main power open, the pneumatic cylinder cannot open.
  8. The electrical operating case of printing part and slotting part are independently, very easy to operate.


1) Paperboard Feeding Part

  1. Chain model feeding by hand.
  2. The bottom slideway of the chain use hard insulation material, can reduce the running noise.
  3. Cotton ginning roller avoids the skip of paperboard when feeding, this helps to improve the feeding precision. All the axis use double-plate welding, and dealt with stable-balance. After processing, dealt with refining grinding, and then coating with hard chrome.
  4. The main electrical motor is stepless speed-adjust, it is power-save, running stable and can run in low speed.


2) Printing Part

  1. The printing roll is dealt with balance check, surface grinding, coating with hard chrome and dealt with polishing.
  2. There are front and back transport plates in the bottom of printing plate roller, this help the paperboard-press-axis to transport the paperboard smoothly during the chromatically. This helps to make the chromatically precision very good.
  3. 360°electrical phase with digital display adjust equipment. Precision of distinguish is 0.5mm displayed with dial. The electrical phase adjust system use planet-gear structure, when the machine not run, it can be 360°electrical adjust. The axis direction adjust of the printing-plate-roll is by hand, can be ±20mm adjusted, this can be adjusted when machine run or stop.
  4. Note: The microcomputer has plate-cleaning function, there is no need pneumatic orientation during the separating and closing the machine. The microcomputer can remember the exact place of the chromatically, so no need to adjust the chromatically all the time.
  5. Automatically ink supply system. Pneumatic inking when pneumatic up plate, can equal ink automatically. When the machine stop, it will not effect the printing effect because of the dry of the ink. The ink return pipe is one-inch steel pipe coated with hard chrome, it can return the rest ink to the ink drum timely to avoid the ink leaking.
  6. Pneumatic brake system, when the machine separate, it will limit the machine working, and keep the gears’ place fixed.


3) Slotting Part

  1. Cutting and slotting base can be 360°positive and negative electrical adjusted. Use digital display tiny-adjust equipment.
  2. The knives can be synchronized adjusted. The adjust is very easy, and the lock is reliable, slotting precision is good. The adjust function use inner-gear drive design and wear well.
  3. The back electrical control switch can control front operation. During the work, if there is urgent situation, the worker in the back can control the equipment running.


4) The die-cutting unit.

The rubber cushion roller.

The rubber cushion roller is steel material,the surface is grinded and hard chromium plating.

The rubber cushion roller after balance correction.

Rubber cushion adopt fastening-type excellent rubber.Easy to install and uninstall. Long service life,can be cutted 4million to 6million times.

Adopting mechanical control the position move left and right of the rubber cushion roller.The movement distance is 40mm. This structure makes the rubber covers equally wear,which can increase the use time.

The automatic Pneumatic control Up-down device of the rubber cushion roller is synchronous with the cardboard feeding system.(when the cardboard is fed,the rubber cushion roller is go down and cut the cardboard,when cardboard feeding is stop,the rubber cushion roller will go up and separated from the die. )

The unique speed compensation device can make the fine rubber cushion roller rolling running with the die,no matter how the diameter of the rubber cushion changed,the surface speed of the rubber cushion is completely controlled by the die.This could make the shape of the carton sheet absolutely equal to the die pattern without people operation.

There is a rubber cushion repair device with the machine,the rubber cushion can be used again after be repaired.

The die roller.

The die roller is steel material,the surface is grinded and hard chromium plating.After balance correction.

. The clockwise and anticlockwise phase adjustment of the die-cutting unit.

Adopt satellite gear structure for adjust the clockwise and the anticlockwise phase of the die roller.

The clockwise and the anticlockwise phase of the die roller is adjusted by the electricity,360° could be adjusted while the machine running or stop.

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Semi-Automatic Printing & Slotting & Diecutting machine MJBL-4



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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for Flexo Printing & Slotting & Die-Cutting Machine, also include flexo folder gluer machine, which is Flexo printing & Slotting & Die-cutting & Inline folder gluer & Inline strapping. It is mainly used for printing the 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer corrugated paperboard, from 1color to 7color. We can design high precision printing for you also based on your requirement. Speed from 100pcs/min to 400pcs/mins for option.