A4 paper production line (2 rolls)


ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for A4 paper production line. A4 cut size sheeting and packaging production line adopts the most advanced Twin Rotary Knife Synchronize Sheeting technologies. Capable of fully automatic ream and box wrapping.


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2.1. Technics of Equipment

As technics of our machine, we hereby describe the related functions and work flow for paper products:

unwinding→ cutting → conveying → collecting → Packaging.

A.1. Main Technical Parameter


Paper Width

Gross width 850mm, net width 840mm

Cutting numbers

2 cutting-A4 210mm (width)  

Paper roll’s diameter

Max.Ф1450mm.  Min.Ф600mm

Paper core’s diameter

3”(76.2mm)or 6”(152.4mm) or according to the clients’ demand

Packing Paper grade

High-grade copy paper; High-grade office paper; High grade Free Wood paper etc.

Paper weight


Sheet length

297mm ( specially design for A4 paper, the cutting length is 297mm)

Ream amount

500 sheets Max. Height: 45-55mm

Production speed

Max 0-300m/min(depends on different paper quality)

Max. Numbers of cutting


Output of the ream

Max 13-15reams/min 

Load of cutting

100g/m2 (1×100g/m2)

Cutting accuracy


Cutting condition

No variation of the speed, no break, cut all the paper at one time and need the eligible paper.

Main power supply

3*380V /50HZ


220V AC /24V DC



Air consumption


Air pressure

6 bar

Edge cutting


Safety standard   

Design  according the safety standard of China


A.2.Standard Configuration

1. Unwind Stand (1Sets= 2Rolls)   


1) Machine Type  

Each machine table can take 2 sets of shaftless paper rack.

2) Diameter of the paper roll

Max. Ф1450mm

3) Width of the paper roll  

Max. Ф850mm

4) Paper rack’s material  


5) Clutch device

Pneumatic Braker and control

6) Clip arm’s adjustment

Manual adjust by oil pressure

7) Paper core demanding

3”(76.2mm) air expansion 

shaft chuck 


2. Automatic tension control system


1) When the paper through inductor, that automatic feedback to the PLC control system to increase brake load, increase or reduce the tension that control the paper tension automatically.

3. High precision cutting knife system    


1) Upper and lower knives are rotary make the cutting accuracy is very precision.

2) Anti-curve device Include one set of square bar and steel

wheel. When the curve paper through paper edge unit that can adjust the paper square and let it flat.


3) 5 sets slitting knives

Upper slitting knife take by air pressure and spring. Lower knife connect with bear drive(the diameter is Ф180mm ) and move with spring. The upper and lower round knife is made by SKH.The lower slitting knife (diameter is Ф200mm) and drive with in-phase belts. The lower slitting knife is 5 groups, each group have two knife edge.


4. Paper feeding wheel


Upper wheel

Ф200*550mm (rubber covered)

Lower wheel

Ф400*550mm (anti-glide)

5) Cutting knife group

Upper cutting knife    

1 sets 550mm

Lower cutting knife

  1. sets 550mm

5. Transporting System   


1) Transporting by level and overlapping device

2) High speed transporting belt and press wheel. Upper and lower transport belt corresponding pressure paper, automatic tension and close system.

3) Static removal device(Include static removal bar and Negative  ion generator)


6. Paper collecting system


1) Automatic device for paper stack up and down

2) Jogging device and clap paper tidy. Control by air vat, when design sheet, the cylinder up and down by cut paper bar. After transport paper to belt, transport to the pack table cross.


RYHM-A4B Ream Paper Wrapping Machine

B-1. Main Technical Parameters:

Paper Width

Gross width:310mm ;net width :297mm

Ream packing high

Max 55mm ; Min 45mm

Packing roll dia

Max.1000 mm ; Min.200mm

Packing roll width


Packing sheets weight


Packing sheets grade

high-grade copy paper, high-grade office paper, high-grade offset paper etc.

Design speed

Max 40 reams/min

Operation Speed

Max 35 reams/min

Packing condition

no speed variations, no breaks, cut all the paper at one time and qualified packing paper.


AC Servo Precision Control

Main power supply

3*380V /50HZ( or as required)


220V AC /24V DC (or as required)



Compressing air consumption


Air pressure






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High Speed A4 Paper Cutting And Packing Machine (2 Roll)


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ROYAL PACKING is professional producer for A4 paper production line. A4 cut size sheeting and packaging production line adopts the most advanced Twin Rotary Knife Synchronize Sheeting technologies. Capable of fully automatic ream and box wrapping.